1971-1972 Dodge Charger

The 1971-1972 Dodge Charger is again one more coupe from the automobile company. This luxury vehicle is a classic vintage race coupe with a capacity to seat two passengers. This car boasts of super class design that will make you fall in love instantly with this one. This car is a combination of rounded and sharp edges. The heavy cosmetic designing done on the front and the rear gives it a classy and a superior looks that will make this one stand out in a crowd of the best and the latest cars in the world. The silver rimming on the win shield and the windows add to the beauty of the car. It is available in colors such as a serious mafia black, navy blue, aqua blue, parrot green, dark olive and a bright orange.
1971-1972 dodge charger car black

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1971-1972 dodge charger car blue


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