1970 Ford Bronco

This car has slight touch of jeep in it, though it does not look exactly like the jeep, it is made with the combo of sky-blue and white colors, the roof, front grille and back side window is white in color and the rest is I sky blue color. Next variant is amazingly tempting, as it has the ideal sporty look, with open roof and mammoth rubbery wheels, this jeep is made to thrill the roads, and it is always admired by the demos, who love the sporty look four wheelers. There is another one in blue color, with gigantic look, large wheels and immensely comfortable seating upfront. You can also go for an appealing orange colored jeep, with dual fog lights upfront, and shaded roofed front seats. There are several other exciting variants to pick from.
1970 Ford Bronco used car front view

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1970 Ford Bronco used car front


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