1969-1970 Pontiac Firebird

What a look, style and elegance that the Firebird Pontiac has! It remains very classic and neat in its style, while the car owners will get the real pride and esteem of having this car. It remains very long in its size whereby the car gives a majestic look and appearance. The color coating is exuberant and moreover the Firebird belonging to this era is absolutely great in its performance standard. The materials used in designing this car are just great which meets the quality standard of course. The steering control is just great to handle, because you will find the grip and firmness in handling the car. The wide design patterns and the broad design of the car gives superior look and moreover the safety constrains are just beyond the imagination.
1970 Pontiac Firebird used beige car front

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1970 Pontiac Firebird used beige car rear


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