1969-1970 Dodge Dart

The 1969-1970 Dodge Dart has once been on the wish list of every American teenager and adult and was purchased in mass by masses in the 70s. The vintage design of this coupe is just so much sports vintage as it can be. This car has been one of the favorites even today among the car collectors and has a lot of restoration scopes. This car features dual front chrome grill, huge head lamps and fog lamps and a dual purpose exhaust bonnet. The windows of the car are rimmed with silver metal which makes it look even classier. It has uber comfortable interiors done in leather and comes in various such as chocolate brown, purple, green, ocean blue, crimson, aqua blue, red, lilac, golden yellow, and orange.
1969 Dodge Dart used car blue

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1969 Dodge Dart used car engine


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